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Our Durahold Plus, Rug-Chek and No-Muv rug pads are made in the USA and are safe for all floors. They protect your rugs and floors from wear and damage, they add extra comfort and our non slip rug pads add safety by preventing your rugs from slipping. Choose our rug pads safe for all hardwood, laminate, tile, heated and all types of floors and finishes. Get free shipping and custom cutting on all orders within the contiguous United States.

Durahold Plus Felt & Rubber Rug Pad

Durahold is a 1/3" thick Non Slip rug pad that keeps rugs in place, protects your floor and rug and adds comfort. We offer it in all shapes & sizes.

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Rug-Chek Natural Rubber

Rug-Chek is a full 1/8" thick open weave rug pad that prevents slipping and adds protection. It is made in the USA of 100% natural safe rubber.

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No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad

No-Muv is the ONLY rug pad that effectively works under rugs on carpet. It prevents shifting and common wrinkling and buckling.

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Rug Pad Facts

Rug pads were originally produced to prolong the life of the rugs they are to be used under. The right rug pad can absorb much wear and pressure that would normally impact the area rug. In recent years, the thought of using a rug pad came to be for the protection of the floor as well. Too many inferior quality rug pads have damaged too many hardwood floors, among others, so a rug pad is a very important part of floor coverings.

Durahold Rug Pad has become the standard in non slip rug pads. Since it is made with natural solid rubber, it is safe for hardwood and all types of floors. The rubber is textured to by the best non slip rug pad for hardwood and all types of floors. All of our non slip rug pads are effective and safe for use, unlike others that can cause damage to floors. It is important to choose a rug pad that does not contain any chemicals or adhesives so they are safe for the floor.