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Durahold Rug Pad is the online source of genuine quality Durahold Non Slip Rug Pad and other rug pads of suitable quality. We proudly manufacture our rug pads in the United States under the highest quality standards.

We're proud to state that Durahold (also known as Durahold Plus) has become the industry standard of quality floor and rug protection. While other products have appeared to try to mimic Duarhold, none of them succeed. 

Durahold carries a United States Patent for its design and construction. Our exclusive texture within the upper and lower surface of the pad are meant to prolong the life of your rugs, while protect your floor. Unlike other padding that allows rugs to slip, ours uses its texture to grab and hold your rug to the pad and all of this to the floor. No other rug pad can safely make this claim.

We offer this website as your source of the finest rug pad protection in all shapes and sizes and we offer free shipping on all orders. Our goal is to create a hassle free experience for your to get the right protection that your rugs and floors deserve. We even custom cut orders for any size and shape at no additional charge.

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