Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size rug pad do I need?
A: Your rug pad should be slightly smaller than your rug. For ordering purposes, we ask that you order the next largest size closest to your rug. If your rug measures 8'4" x 11'6", you would order the 9' x 12' pad. When you checkout, you will enter the rug size in the NOTES section and we'll cut accordingly.

Q: What will I pay for shipping my order?
A: You pay nothing extra. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped within the contiguous United States. Your shopping cart total will consist of the price(s) of the pad(s) and nothing else.

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: We try to ship orders as quickly as possible, sometimes sooner and sometimes later, depending on the order volume at the time. Once we ship your order, we will send an email or text message with the details for your reference.

Q: I see ads for Durahold elsewhere, is it real Durahold?
A: Unfortunately, some sellers take advantage of the Durahold reputation and claim their pad is a DURAHOLD. While there are a gew sellers who offer it, more times than none you can find a seller trying to offer it as Durahold when it is not.